Best of Exposed 2012 Part 2 – Movies

This is part two of Exposed’s Best of 2012 Lock Back. Part one – on music (and football too) – is here…
2012 was a better year to make movies about apocalyptic Mayan predictions than to be an apocalyptic Mayan prediction and in July we made our own contribution to the general air of panic with our very own Zombie invasion! Squee!
All that time we were merrily writing news stories about strange goings on down Savini Cemetery, the utterly evil and sporty male counterpoint to everyone’s favourite rollerskating femmes, The Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, were planning an (un)deadly plan that culminated in a mahoosive double-header in August. Attracted by our Ed’s new aftershave, the first zombie fruits of Dr. Blockopus’s plan to create an undead army left us having to deal with a gruesome (but useful) addition to the Exposed team. Click here to relive the horror.
The brainnnnnzzzz, ahem, brains behind Sheffield’s biggest filmmaking walkers, Warp Films, reached their ten year anniversary in 2012 and we celebrated with a look back over the first decade (and a bit of a tease of their forthcoming Stone Roses doc) with Warp Films kingpin Mark Herbert. Click here to read it.
Sheffield’s biggest cinema stars made some blockbusters of their own in 2012. First with their Warp-ey previews and celebrations were Sheffield indie cinema The Showroom, and we had the run of the place for an amazing tour behind the scenes of their projection room, caff and more with our amazing Showroom Tour. 2012 also saw the opening of Sheffield’s first IMAX screen – a transformation of their meat-and-two-veg sized ‘Full Monty’ screen and we got the tour. Click here to read it. 

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