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It's day three of Napoleons' Casino hijack and we feel like today might be your lucky day. To win a meal for six at their award winning restaurant, all you have to do is find Exposed Mag's lucky waving cat Terry, hidden in the Napoleon's Website. Once you've spotted the little blighter, drop us a line here and voila! You're in with a shot.


Here in the office we're really running with the Casino theme, and we want to know the best bet you've ever wagered. Did you win? Or did you have to run around a field naked like Enrique Inglesias did, when he bet that if Spain won the world cup he'd streak.  To be honest, we think he wanted to get naked, because that outcome was pretty obvious.


Or perhaps the time George Lucas was so worried about Star Wars being a flop, he went to see his pal Stephen Speilberg on the set of Close Encounters of a Third Kind. Betting on the success of that film,  he propsed Speilberg could have 2.5% of ALL Star Wars profit if Lucas could take the same from Speilberg to finish his film. While Close Encounters did well…Star Wars made 65 times the amount and Speilberg still receives cheques in the post today. Doh!


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