Behind The Scenes: Slam Dunk Cinema


Behind The Scenes: Slam Dunk Cinema

Words: Taylor Iscariot. Pic: Scott Hukins


If Slam Dunk Cinema, Sheffield’s flagship movie review radio show and podcast, was like Top Gear – then the intro to the 2nd year anniversary show would sound something like: “This week, Van goes on a rant, Taylor says ‘Bottom!’ and Kelly reserves Armie Hammer as her own personal sex toy!”


Follow us onto live airwaves as we go behind the scenes of the show…


For those that don’t know, each week all the latest releases are reviewed (including sparkly vampire movies and obnoxious boy band money vehicles), the latest news is distilled and the box office top ten is recapped and re-reviewed in a couple of lines. All wrapped up in a heavy dose of humour, it’s everything you need to plan your week of cinematic viewing.


It’s not like a music show, where if you’ve got a dead spot you can just stick some Nirvana or Pixies on, every new film has to be seen before the show. As most films get released on Fridays, and the show goes live on Saturday, it can be an epic quest to get all of the films seen in time – and this is all before they go live.


Saturday always starts with the pre-show meeting in the Showroom Bar. Contrary to popular opinion the meeting isn’t just us talking about who’s pretty in the new releases… well, not entirely. Things like what we should and shouldn’t reveal, how much airtime each film gets and where the audio jokes will be going.


From there we go up to the studio and speak live to all the lovely people of Sheffield… after swearing copiously to get it out our system. Ofcom will fine you five grand for swearing on air, unless you’re David Cameron, in which case they do a quick about turn.


On the recent two year anniversary of the show we had Alan Partridge Alpha Papa (film of the week and comedy of the year), Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (downloadable content for the first film), Grown-Ups 2 (missing any semblance of plot) and The Lone Ranger (one of the worst films ever) – and five of us with our photographer Scott and friend of the show John Coulson in a sweltering studio.


Fun and shenanigans were had, but you can verify that for yourself by checking out the podcast. One thing you’ll immediately notice is the exceptionally high quality, there are people doing national radio broadcasts (and being overpaid for the privilege) that can’t get anywhere close to what Slam Dunk Cinema achieves in an hour and a half on a Saturday in the middle of Sheffield.


Getting to a second anniversary was no mean feat for the guys behind the show. The work goes on every week with the new releases, latest news and competitions now they’re more than popular enough for the distributors to court them. Let’s put it into perspective; as well as their live audience over the radio, each podcast gets over ten thousand downloads from all over the world, and that number’s growing. Sheffield Steelers are an immensely successful ice hockey team that have the Motorpoint Arena as their home venue and they managed an average attendance last season of around four thousand. Doesn’t seem bad at all to us.


You can check out all the latest news from the guys, and download any of the podcasts from the beginning of the show, at It’ll be the best movie related decision you’ll ever made… after flipping to our own Flicks section, of course.



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