BBC Three Wise Cracks Pappy's Leave The Memorial Hall Laughing (8th October)

Pappy's Last Show Ever – Memorial Hall – Tuesday 8th October


Anyone who is ever curious at checking out BBC Three’s Feed My Funny, a selection of shows and online submissions which showcase British comedy, will have noticed the trailer for Badults, the six-part sitcom about three school friends sharing a flat together and trying (and failing) to be functioning members of society. What some people may not realise is that the three stars are already fully fledged comedians in their own right.

Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry, also known as Pappy’s (or Pappy’s Fun Club when they were originally a foursome) have been touring comedy festivals all over the world, including the SF Sketchfest (aka the San Francisco Comedy Festival), where they were the first British act to ever take part. Last year, they brought their ‘Last Show Ever’ to Edinburgh Festival, and toured it around the UK, and this month they brought it to the Memorial Hall as part of the city’s Last Laugh Comedy Festival.

Pappys’ certainly brought their mix of zany sketches, original songs  and off-the-wall humour to the comedy lovers of Sheffield, including an opener which gives the Haka some interesting lyrics, and a modern-day take on what the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion from the Wizard of Oz really think of each other. Their sketches and songs are so strange and wonderful; that they could be hilarious as a stand-alone format (a personal favourite is their funny, albeit slightly stereotypical, idea as to which people wear certain types of gloves). But in this case they are seamlessly linked together with a story relating to the title of the show itself – where the future selves of the trio battle and ponder as to why they walked away from ‘show that never quits’ in the first place, with an end twist which jolts you back into reality and gives the show an edge of pathos.

Combining their work with audience participation (which brings the choose your own adventure books from years gone by to life) and an intimate setting – only the stall seats of the Hall were filled – Pappy’s: Last Show Ever is a rip-roaringly amazing ride into a world where their use of props and numerous personas accentuate the fact that they are three naturally funny men who will keep going from strength to strength within the comedy world.

If this really was to be their last show, then they would have ended with a bang and went off on a high!


Written by Jenny Newton

Memorial Hall

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