Battle: Los Angeles (12a)

In the wake of the crushingly epic fail of 2010’s Skyline, the burden of responsibility falls to Battle: Los Angeles as the defender of the most awesome of all sub-genres – the “American-flag waving, adrenaline-fuelled, alien-Apocalypse film”.  
Derided for being a formulaic combination of Black Hawk Down and Independence Day, the film follows a platoon sent in to rescue civilians.
Despite the lack of originality – most characters serving as cannon-fodder clichés – the relentless energy, abundant use of shaky-cam and the impossibly chiselled Eckhart chin, glosses over the poor scripting.
As for the would-be invaders, while their hard-wear is cool, the militarised prawn look definitely lacks the presence of more notable movie incarnations.
Left wide open for sequels, inevitable spin-offs to other world-wide invasion zones. Battle: Cleethorpes anyone?
Ali Bianchi

In it
Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez

Behind it
Jonathan Liebesman


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