As if preaching via Exposed as part of our #MakersTakeover wasn’t enough, the Reverend's taking to the pulpit of Spotify with the masterful (and free) 'Mixtape Vol 1' available to listen now.
Catching up with Jon McClure as he convalesces from his recent back injury – "I'm almost fighting fit so watch out!" – the Mixtape is, as he describes it "…a chance to show a more experimental side to the band," and it’s enough to inspire any congregation to go forth and spread the makers' message…
Okay, so track titles such as ‘MDMAZING’ are about as understated as the impressively statured Rev himself hanging around at a jockey’s social club, but understatement isn’t what ‘Mixtape Vol  1’ is about; rather we’re treated to a bass-heavy behemoth of a record, featuring an embarrassment of musical riches, and with a guest list including the likes of Carl Barat (‘Acid House Wife’), Howard Marks (‘MDMAZING’) and Richard Hawley (‘Faster Faster’). The standing of his collaborators also influenced the Rev’s decision to release the tape on Spotify – "it'd be a bit w*nk to sell an album on other folks’ names, so instead it's online for free…”
We're big fans of Roots Manuva double-hander 'The Hidden Persuaders', which starts off Ennio Morricone before Roots' sizzling Warped beats take over, but Jon prefers 'Deeper Down', which sees McClure and Matic Mouth Crockett and Tubbsing it over a piece of slicked back 80's soul "…if the charts weren't full of pop boar, this would be number one…" That treat will have to wait for the album, hopefully…


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