Bar Strum Bug – Forum Gripped By Acoustic Fever!

All hail the string! A celebration of acoustic ability heads to the Forum…
Musical talent shows today comprise mainly of particularly annoying celebrities, with ego’s the size of their bank balance, attempting to judge ‘talent’ from a wide array of deluded entrants harbouring aspirations to become the next One Direction or Taylor Swift or whoever is currently ‘tearing up’ Reggie Yates chart playlist…
All of this comes to you wrapped in carefully choreographed ‘drama’ with sob stories that simply melt the heart (“this one goes out to my pet gerbil Rodney – he loved Sinead O Connor”). – And before you know it, what was a show searching for musical prowess has descended into a feature length episode of Corrie, where we as an audience are required to guffaw in unison at the dinner lady from Doncaster having her dreams crushed by some ex pop star who was once married to someone quite famous.
Fed up of it? If like us you’re hoping, dreaming, praying for a raw, honest music competition with a little less Dermot O Leary and a bit more Division Street originality, then look no further…Exposed is proud to announce the return of Yorkshire Unplugged to its birthplace of The Forum.

Organised by Big Live Event Limited, the competition attracted over 100 acts from all corners of the UK bringing in a total audience of over 2’500 acoustic addicts. Last year, Sheffield bred and Royal Standard regulars Velcro Teddybears scooped the accolades amidst a sumptuous feast of live music.
This year the event has also been opened to electronic bands, who feel confident enough to turn off their amps and pack away the effects pedals so their fans can enjoy a raw, no holds barred performance.
“We’re always committed to enhancing the concept and developing it for the future..” Sam Wherrett of Big Event Limited told Exposed – “We would like the series to become a real beacon for the regions raw unsigned talent.”
There you have it Ladies & Gentleman, now there’s no need to cower behind your sofa every time the words “talent” and “Simon Cowell” are mentioned. Get thi’sen down to The Forum and support music showcased in its purest form with no special effects, no fake storylines, no Ant or Dec, just great tunes and lovely people.

The Yorkshire Unplugged series will take place each Thursday from 20:00 from the 18th April for six weeks. The competition final will take place on Thursday 23rd May at The Forum.
Entry will cost you approximately nowt!

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