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Every month we put together the best dressed listings and entertainment guide in the land (of Sheffield). But what happens when we find out about a new cake shop on deadline day? Or a music blogger with next-level Yorkshire chutzpah ? Or a really special cat video?
That's where Back of the Net comes in and here's our highlights for the month…
Have we bumped into you at our Exposed Film watercooler chinny-wags? We take to Twitter to talk about new releases with exclusive trailers and clips, go through the top 5 films at Sheffield’s Showroom and get your chat on such essential subjects as what movies you’ve walked out of. Say hi here.
Following their interview this month, Artery were kind enough to drop us the URLs to a couple of exclusive vids on their YouTube channel, including this swish and awesome piano remix of Unfaithful Girlfriend from their new album.
On 25th October Bloc Projects hosts the world premiere of 'The Machine' – a glorious and possibly unfathomable performance of a radio play featuring computers, randomization, Beckett, Lewis Caroll, geography & KFC.
Sara Lux’s fashion blog is a gorgeous and smart look at Manchester’s overground and underground threads featuring some really lovely photography, Westwood and ‘scarves so big they’d scare a 40-foot python’.
What’s the difference between light and dark soy sauce? What’s the best sauce to cook with scallops? Is durian meat the stinkiest fruit ever invented? All this and more when our Food blogger Clare tours Chinese super-supermarket Tai Sun…

Red Bricks Café joins the likes of Studio 60, The Shakespeare and The Milestone in the increasingly hip Shalesmoor district. Jess’s new caff brings Guinness cupcakes and Indian influences dishs into the mix.
Catch the mashup video for !!!’s ‘The Most Certain Sure’. More barrel rolls than a Dukes of Hazard annual.
‘Kid Acne Korner’ seems to be becoming a regular mini-feature. Here’s the man’s sequel to his much-loved South Yorks Vol 1 mix. Some nice vintage Warp in there.

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