Audacious celebrate 10th Birthday with Catalan Brass-Funk, Fab Sheffield Bands

Being ten is great.
Falling off the huge slide down the park, finally mastering endos and discovering the harsh mistress that is the game of slaps are just a few of the landmarks mischievous Sheffield independent record label The Audacious Art Experiment will no doubt have passed on its way to double figures. But unlike most ten year olds they’ve also put together a weekend festival for the city!
Featuring Catalan brass-funk heroes Za!, The Audacious 10th Anniversary weekend kicks off on Friday May 31 at the label’s HQ round the corner from Bramall Lane before moving to CADS on Sidney Street for the rest of their do, with the likes of Exposed faves Wooderson and Bloodsport plus newcomers Cowtown, Crash of Rhinos, Nope and more. Here’s a bit of Za!

TAAE founder Luke Twyman broke off from making an enormous fort in the front room to comment, "We want people to come down and celebrate our community mindset. Not only see how DIY music scenes can thrive, but to become involved in it themselves and ensure Sheffield has a grassroots creative community for the next 10 years to come.
"The Audacious Art Experiment is a not-for-profit music and arts collective, so all money made will go back into the bands who perform and will finance the upkeep of DIY music, art and culture locally and nationwide…”
For more information on the event visit The Audacious Art Experiment's website. Friday's event is free, tickets for Saturday's gig cost £10. 

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