ArenaCross comes to the MotorPoint

Sheffield and sport have always gone hand-in-hand, it’s a tradition with a long history, after-all, we are the ones who invented football, it’s just a shame our two teams haven’t been as successful as the likes of other sporting heroes in recent times, Jess Ennis, Kell Brook and the latest champs of rugby, the Sheffield Eagles.

The Motorpoint Arena will play host to a very different sporting event in the new year. Arenacross isn’t any old bike show, don’t come expecting Bradley Wiggins cycling through the narrow streets of the city. Having already blown the minds of thousands earlier this year the ‘freestylers’ are looking to do it all over again in 2014, only bigger and better. It is going to be a high-energised show for all the family with so much stuff going on that you won’t know where to look as bikers showcase their indoor dirt-biking skills, set to a pumped up soundtrack with lasers thrown in for good measure making it an explosive three hour spectacle. It is MotorCross but with far more intensity and impact encouraged by the closed-in Arena environment. 

These bikers are the rock stars of sport and this will be an Iron Maiden-esq event as it  bursts with over-the-top entertainment whilst the riders intertwine gymnastics with BMX, battling with one-another in the air to see who can pull of the most elaborate tricks, 40 feet off the air, catapulting themselves off purpose built ramps then whip and backflip their 100kg bikes like toys.

Tickets for the Motorpoint Arena show which takes place on the 15th September are on sale now, priced at just £10 for children and £19 for adults whilst family tickets come in at under fifty quid making this an ideal present for Christmas.

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