Architects: The Here and Now

The Basics
The Brighton metalcorers Architects have gone through somewhat of a musical makeover with their latest album. They've took their guitars up a few tones, gone for a rawer, punkier guitar sound, and lost some of their previous emphasis on technicality – supposedly dividing their fan base.
The Verdict
A mix of Glassjaw, Alexisonfire and Funeral For A Friend – using double-handed tapped guitar melodies and sing-a-long choruses.

Stand-out track 'Delete. Rewind' kicks straight into thrash drums. Screaming vocals and a single string tremolo-picked guitar riff that moves into half speed after 16 seconds, allowing you to slow-mosh to the chugging bass. It's unusual to hear tambourine on the hi-hat in this genre, but it works surprisingly well.

The album is a wholly enjoyable listen, although when the singer screams/growls it's annoyingly difficult to make out the lyrics. Listen out for mental dubstep track 'Day In Day Out on the end of the album. Squelch, squelch. 
James Sztuka


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