Announcing the Exposed iFest!

Flooded tents, paying a fiver for a pint, and a toilet to person ratio of approximately 1:500; a festival weekend has its pitfalls. But what’s the alternative?
After scratching our heads like monkeys at breakfast, a brainwave trickled through the office – we’re gonna throw an iPhone Festival! But what in the name of Hawley’s quiff is such a thing?
Weeeell, we reckon we can give you a day of experiencing the brightest and best musical talent within our city walls (well, hills) beamed brightly from your computer screen via the wonders of social media.
But we can’t do it without your help! If you’re in a band or perform as a solo artist, and fancy getting on the bill, then hit record on your iPhones (or any mobile capable of such a feat) and send us across a track or two of camera-phoned live magic. Whether it’s a sweaty gig in a mate’s living room, band practice in the basement, or an impromptu performance at the steps of the City Hall – we want to feel as if we’re there!
Otherwise, eager festival goers, just watch this space for more announcements – and feel free to arrange sitting in a puddle snogging a complete stranger for authenticity.
It’s over to you now Sheffield. Drop us a line at to become a part of our wee festival revolution.    

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