Anna Calvi – One Breath

Haunting London songstress Anna Calvi follows up her Mercury nominated debut with a brash sophomore, notching up the drama and experimentation another level. It’s lazy to compare the singer with the likes of PJ Harvey, Florence Welch and Bjork, yes she’s slightly off-centre, her vocals are melodically terrifying and you sometimes expect this singer-songwriter to have roots laid in a world of their own but there’s something unexpected about Calvi who dips into the mainstream whilst creating something mystical and magical.

Her powerful lungs are exploited viciously on One Breathe, blowing away the praise from her first release as she explores new visions, taking on escapades with unique sounds. There’s a clear shift in Calvi’s outlook since her debut, using a subtle approach to deliver messages which in the past came across like darts hitting the board but never quite managing the bulls eye, but coming damn close.

Eliza, the albums lead single is a great snapshot into the way Calvi works as, by her standards it is simple, once you’ve mastered that  then the rest of the album is all yours but it isn’t a pretty listen. At times it can be hard to navigate through, you won’t be humming along without putting the work first. Talent as an artist is clearly evident but it is hard to distinguish where to place her, avant-garde pop is a funny old place to be, it tends to be where the misunderstood hang and the thirty three year old is the latest resident.  

One Breath is out now on Domino Records. More infomation on Anna can be found here.

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