All Day Dog’s Breakfast; Michael Harding

In the days of pecialism, it’s refreshing and exciting to come across someone who can succeed just as well in different musical genres.

On the menu today, at the All Day Dog’s breakfast, are the songs of Michael Harding. He’s gone all acoustic (well, mainly) for this album, and it’s not perhaps what someone might expect to hear if they came to this knowing of his work with those ambient dub-step masters Animat, or the revival of his post-punk band 1000 Mexicans. What he serves up here is a fine selection of varied songs, personal and intimate at times, but always making for a compelling listen. The musicianship is perfect; no less than you would expect from someone so immersed in the music scene since the eighties. There are moments of light and shade, but there’s never a time when your attention wanders, as every song has a story to tell.

This is an album that younger singer-songwriters should look to to see how it should be done. There are many highlights, and in all honesty, they change each time I listen, but at the moment I’ve probably played the opening track, ‘You Know What’ the most, along with the next rack ‘The Girl On The Vespa’. They both have a free-wheeling infectious and melodic ring to them, and are both just Michael and his guitar.



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