Adam Davison – The Learning Curve EP

The Basics
The Learning Curve is the debut output from young singer/songwriter Adam Davison. Hailing from just down t’road in Cottingham (near ‘Ull, apostrophe fans), Davison has recently started to attract plenty of admiring glances from local radio with his song, ‘Better’, receiving airplay on BBC Radio Humberside. After learning his trade not too long ago performing at open mic nights, he’s spent the summer impressing on local festival stages. Currently unsigned, he'll be hoping to become more of a national interest in the not too distant future.
The Verdict
Opener ‘Almost’ acts as an ear grabbing introduction to the record. An infectious, up-tempo jaunt, it’s an almost Coral-esque, tightly packaged three-minutes of charming acoustic-pop. ‘Better’ portrays Davison as a much tenderer prospect, as the song opens sounding like a lament (“I’ll do my best to be better/maybe someday I’ll get it right”) before developing into a polished, swaying ballad that sounds far more sincere than 90% of the plethora of “deep” souls that try and make a living out of picking up an acoustic guitar and not washing their hair (Ed Sheeran, I’m glaring in your direction).
‘Words of a Fool’ appears to maintain the quality of the earlier tracks, starting as a pleasant and bounding promise of support to some unidentified muse. However it fails to sustain these early levels of interest and there is a fear that the record may have plateaued as it runs into ‘The Rain’, which runs dangerously close to sounding like the kind of generic fodder that X-factor audiences just lap up.
Fortunately for Davison, ‘Lost in You’ closes the EP in memorable fashion. An enthralling and heart-wrenching demonstration of Davison’s talents as a delicate and sensitive balladeer, there is a moment at around the two and a half minute mark where his voice saws, but appears to be cut short by a choke of raw emotion. It’s a genuinely affecting moment punctuated beautifully by Davison gently coaxing the record to an end with repeated, sultry declarations of “I’m so lost in you…”
Ultimately, whilst he demonstrates the mild level of inconsistency that you’d expect from someone whose career is still in its infancy, on The Learning Curve Davison also portrays himself as a talented songwriter of genuine potential. That potential is admittedly still raw, but if this tender talent can be nurtured it is unlikely that the name Adam Davison will remain shrouded in obscurity for much longer.
Words by Lewis Parker
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