A trip to Nonnas and Italy's Rialto Market

Not long back, after a really stressful week, the husband and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch. We wanted a little bit of a walk too so it had to be out of the town centre.
We considered the York, but as this was a Sunday and we didn't want Sunday dinner it was soon dismissed, so we set off for a wander down Eccy road.
Initially I had Zerboni Taste in mind, after all it's been a while since I popped in and their pasta is AMAZING. But, in the end, I decided that I wanted a bit of pampering and Nonnas won in the end.
Some people really do have a problem with Nonnas. That it's all style and no substance and only open to the beautiful people of Sheffield. I disagree. I've never felt unwelcome or out of place here and I've always had good food and service making it a favourite of mine.
The restaurant was busy; nicely so. There was a good atmosphere, and the place was full of with a mix of families, parents treating their student offspring and loved up couples. We were seated and the husband immediately ordered us two spritz. It's not often that he makes any of the decisions as he can't handle the stress (!), so I was quite surprised, and pleased, when he took the bull by the horns on this one.
Spritz is something that we discovered whilst on honeymoon in Venice. It's Prosecco with Aperol or Campari added and it is delicious! Whenever I drink it I'm taken back to Al Marca which is a tiny, little bar in the middle of the Rialto Market. In fact here it is….. and there's the husband swallowing down an espresso.

If you make it to Venice, you must hunt this little gem out. They do the best spritz on the whole island and I'm desperate to go back for more myself. In the meantime, Nonnas will keep me going.
The spritz came with bread and olives which we picked at as we decided what to order. I wanted to keep things light and relatively healthy. So, for starters I had Granachio or crab cakes with fennel and chilli salad and salsa verde (£5.75). They were a good choice as the crab cakes were packed full of tasty meat and the fennel and chilli salad was a good fresh accompaniment. There was some chilli jam on the side too which worked nicely with the crab.
The husband had one of the specials. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was basically hash topped with a fried egg. This was deliciously stodgy and perfect for serving up on a Sunday. Although neither of us had hangovers this time we both agreed that it would have been a fantastic cure if we had.

Wanting to keep things Venetian, we opted for a glass of Prosecco each to have with our main course. Remember; I was in need of some pampering!
Yes, the strawberry on the side of the flute is a bit cheesy but it did add a delicious aroma to the fizz and let's face it, it does add a little touch of luxury.
For mains, still wanting to keep things light, I went for a simple salmon salad with oak-roast salmon, asparagus and rocket (£9.50). It was just what I needed; a huge plate of greens. I suppose I don't have much more to say about this one. It was what it was; chunks of moist, pink, lightly smoked salmon, al dente asparagus and fresh rocket. An don't let the picture deceive you; there was actually quite a lot of salmon hidden away under all that green stuff.

The husband on the other hand had linguine with lamb sweetbreads, spinach and mustard (£9.75) which was so much more interesting than my salad, but just not what my body was calling out for at the time. It was a nice sized dish with an ample serving of linguine. The sweetbreads were soft and tender, lightly pink and had a delicate lamb flavour to them. The creamy mustard sauce complimented the dish nicely and it was absolutely delicious!
We were truly relaxed and happy. Of course the booze had helped, but service had been good throughout, with one of the owners popping by now and then to chat about all things Italian food and drink. So, although we didn't fancy eating anything for dessert, we didn't quite want to leave just yet so we asked whether sgroppinos (prosecco and lemon sorbet) were available. Unfortunately not, so we went for the next best thing and ordered a couple of Limoncellos.
The owner came back and poured us a couple of glasses at the table and then left the bottle with us. Perfect for a photo!
Ahhhhhh! I was completely chilled out by this point! Limoncello is a syrupy tart, but also sweet, lemon drink. It's a good refreshing way to finish off a meal.
Fully satisfied, we now thought it was time to move on and we asked for the bill. Noticing that we hadn't been charged for the Limoncello we did the honest thing and queried the omission with a waitress. She then told us that the owner had said that they were complimentary. What a lovely touch! And what a lovely way to recover from a bad week!
It has been a while since we dined here so the menu has now changed, but don't worry there are still lots of pastas, salads as well as fish and meat main dishes for you to try. The food is always good, so whatever you order, you'll be in safe hands!

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