A Steak Sandwich with PJ Taste

Neatly situated at the top of Glossop Road, within sniff if not sight of Henderson’s Relish Factory, indie superheroes PJ Taste Café, have just launched their new lunch menu. Exposed skipped breakfast in anticipation…
Locally sourced and organic food can sometimes be a wee bit precious (and pricey) but PJ Taste are trying to bring a friendlier, affordable take on tasty lunches to the table. Co-manager Peter describes their new autumn menu as ‘a showcase of Sheffield food and the stories behind them’ and arriving with Exposed’s answer to Greg Wallace, Sales Exec Roxy, at the newly decorated café for a sample there were enough diners inside to suggest news was spreading fast.
Everyone knows about local food heroes like Our Cow Molly and Missy Cindz but what other culinary delights have PJ Taste managed to find on Yorkshire’s doorstep? “More than you might imagine,” Explains Peter. “We bake a lot of our own bread, biscuits and cakes in our production kitchen. The flour is organic flour from Driffield in North Yorkshire. The oats in our flapjack are Yorkshire Oats. The honey is by Sheffield Honey. Even the oil we use is a Yorkshire rapeseed oil! We’ve been doing this for six years so it’s been a gradual evolution…”
By now our rumbling tummies had led Roxy and myself away to peruse said menu. It’s pretty adorable – featuring a mix of PJ’s sandwiches and toasties plus the showcase hot food section with bacon and egg sandwiches, fish cakes and a squash and sesame burger. All locally sourced, natch. We both both fancied the Round Green Farm Venison Burger so we agreed to share half of this and the Steak Sandwich with Rivelin Valley Steak and horseradish cream.
The burger was marvellous. A big quarter pounder at lunch can have you dozing by mid afternoon, but the grilled Panini-like roll was light while being robust enough to stand up to the burger and an accompanying salad was fresh as a daisy.

The Steak Sandwich was even better, boasting a steak more tender than it had any right to be, set off against a strong, crisp horseradish sauce and rocket leaves.
The only problem, I mused, was that the prices would mean that this kind of lovingly sourced and carefully put together food is never gonna be most people’s idea of a regular lunch.
Except they are. PJ are doing the burger at £3.95 and the Steak Sandwich at £4.75 (takeaway).
Peter was a little sheepish about PJ Taste getting on the cupcake bandwagon but the plum jam in my cupcake was an inspired choice. 
More than anything, the feeling is of distinctive, happy flavours that get on like a house on fire. Which makes sense when you consider the ingredients are all sourced from the same neighbourhood.  It’s a foodie house party and we can’t wait to see what Peter and the rest of PJ get up to next.
PJ Taste, 249 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2GZ. (0114) 2755971 

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