A Social Gathering – Socialist Celebrated

With the passing of Maggie, yes her again, politics has been focused on more and Sheffield is celebrating a topic that wasn’t the Iron Lady’s favourite.


Sheffield is paying homage to Victorian socialist Edward Carpenter, his life and teachings with performances and an exhibition. It is a joint venture between the University of Sheffield and local theatre company, Dead Ernest Theatre.


Dramatic performances over three days in three venues, Jessop West Building, Dempsey’s Bar and the Riverside Pub, based on socialism, homosexuality and social equality and will evoke thoughts on some of the topics back in the news today.


As well as the performances there is an exhibition, Stories of Activism, which focuses on activism around the city from the 1960s onwards.


Performances are between 21-23rd May and tickets are free, pre-book at Event Brite. The exhibition is open from 20-25th at Jessop West Building at the University of Sheffield.

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