A proper good Sheffield Egg

We all like a good egg don't we?  You know, that all dependable person in our life; the one you can call on no matter what time of day or night… 
Sure as eggs is eggs, he or she will be there to pick up the pieces.  Who knows where these idioms came from?  I mean – an egg?  Dependable?  Really?  Raw, they're one of the most fragile objects out there!  One nudge and they're the ones falling to pieces; totally useless to anyone, no matter how fragile their state…
Maybe it's their dependability as an ingredient that has earned them this phrase.  We've all seen the advert for the famous butter brand where the 'intrepid fridge forager' is hungrily grateful for finding eggs lurking in his fridge, allowing him to conjure up a meal in the form of an omelette (I say a meal, without any vegetables or meat in there, it's more of a snack for me, but hey, we all get the drift).  With eggs we can make cakes, carbonara, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, nicoise salads amongst many other favourites making them a pretty handy thing to have hanging around, just like that mate who's a bit of a good egg.
In Sheffield we're lucky to have a fair few all round good eggs in the food scene and Peter of PJ Taste is certainly one of them.  So, it's fitting that he should go on to invent 'The Sheffield Egg'. 
Looking for a way to put Michael Dungworth's (student of the Peter Jones Enterprise Acadamy) Sheffield laid eggs to good use, Peter worked at creating a scotch egg with a Sheffield twist.  And so the Sheffield Egg was born!
Similar to the Manchester Egg (a scotch egg with a layer of Bury black pudding encasing the egg), the Sheffield Egg makes the most of our city's ingredients and that Sheffield laid egg is wrapped in Moss Valley Fine Meats sausage meat flavoured with Henderson's relish (of course), some of PJ Taste's own chutney and a little Yorkshire cheese.  There's a ploughman's lunch in every mouthful and it's a damn tasty one too.  Better still these eggs are breaded and baked rather than fried making them healthier than the average scotch egg.
Peter and Michael thought that their eggs were egg-ceptionally (come on, I had to slip one in here somewhere) tasty enough to justify a full blown launch and I went along to find out more.  Held at PJ Taste's Glossop Road café (read PJ Taste's Peter's blog here), many Sheffield's foodies attended, eager to find out more about this delicious egg.
In true PJ Taste style, the evening started with some nettle beer and canapés of nettle tempura, sushi, lapsang souchong smoked Moss Valley Fine Meats pork and Peter's own paneer cheese.  Everything was delicious (especially the nettle tempura) and amply whetted our appetites for tasting the egg itself.
In keeping with any other grand unveiling there was a guest of honour –  the Lord Mayor, Sylvia Dunkley – who had the priviledge of cutting the egg and after a short speech, it was time for us to get scoffing.

The eggs were beautiful, with soft, fat, sunny yolks; nothing like the grey-green eggs found in the bog-standard supermarket efforts.  The sausage meat was moist and tangy with that infamous Hendo's flavour coming through nicely.  The cheese added depth and the crisp, baked, casing added a good contrast in texture. It was good! Oh it was good!
Keeping things truly Sheffield, Peter had turned to designer Cindy Cheung for guidance in developing the packaging, so not only did the egg taste good, it looked pretty fine too.  Check out Cindy's website for the ideas behind her design. 
After a short break giving us all chance to buy our own eggs, we were treated to an Ode to the Sheffield Egg.  Performed by Hen Dub and Yolk Ono, otherwise known as Oxo Foxo and Exposed's own Andy Hill the ditty raised cheers from the room along with much laughter.  If you fancy a bit of a smile, check out the video of the show!

You can pick up The Sheffield Egg at PJ Taste & Urban Pantry, but they are in limited supply so you'd best get cracking (ok, another one slipped through the net)….

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