A Nightmare On Elm Street

Watch it:
Everyone’s favourite kiddie-fiddler turned dream demon returns to our cineplexes this month, courtesy of the remake factory that is Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes (Texas Chainsaw, Friday the 13th). For those who don’t know, Fred Kruger was a serial child murderer put to death by vengeful parents. Years later, his spirit returns to terrorize a group of nubile teenagers by preying on them while they sleep. Back in the day, this was scary shit.
Feel it:
As open as I am to remakes (but don’t if the original was ace), this is tricky. It is an exercise in futility, when Jackie Earle Haley was cast as Freddy, something about it suddenly clicked into place and instantly became more acceptable. Likewise, the promise of Freddy’s ‘origin’ story oft-hinted at could be enough to get me through the door.

In it
Jackie Earle Haley, Thomas Dekker, Kyle Gallner

Behind it
Samuel Bayer

Claw Blimey

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