A Fresh Face For West One Space

West One accommodation have only gone and got themselves a brand spanking new hat!


The brand has recently undergone a transformation to expand their services and offer a new and improved customer-facing experience to students. With two new offices opening their doors on Ecclesall Road and Fitzwilliam Street, this November sees the company get a whole lot hotter.  Why the fresh face, you ask? Well our pals at West One are always on the lookout for new friends – and they want you to join in on the fun with a more personalised one-to-one letting experience.


Their new office spaces will complement each other with the same high quality branding across the board – whilst their swanky new stomping grounds have strayed away from the traditional concept of displaying properties in the window in order to encourage customers to come inside for a chat (and maybe a cuppa, if you’re lucky).


The sharpening up was driven by the changing market and evolution of students who expect higher standards of living these days.


West One aim to provide a home away from home in Sheffield, with a big focus on functionality, saying: “Due to the increase in tuition fees, we’ve raised the bar with the quality and standard of the accommodation.”


These guys have been around since the 70’s – so they know what they’re on about when it comes to the wants, needs and requirements of students. They’ve watched the market change and adapted their service to cater to it– like supportive parents of a pubescent teenager.


Although their Devonshire Green fortress is a major part of West One, don’t be fooled into thinking that’s as far as their reign over Sheffield student housing goes. The family run company has residencies all over Sheffield, with unbeatable locations, boasting close proximity to the most popular student haunts. These guys strive on providing students with carefully chosen areas of the city, so no need to worry about being stuck half way to who-knows-where and not being able to get your hands on a pint after a long day at uni (one hour IS a long time). Not only that, they also have student portfolios in no fewer than 4 other major cities (don’t be surprised to see the brand on high streets throughout the UK).


You’re guaranteed to be given the care and attention you deserve from West One. The Head of Residential assures us: “Given to the standard and high quality of accommodation and the optimum occupancy levels, we’ve reinvested in people and increased customer facing staff levels by nearly 50%.”


No risk of being forgotten about here, then. High standard digs with support finding the perfect home from home – sounds spot on to us!


Head to www.westonespace.com for more.


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