A Busy Man's Guide to Wine with Nonnas' Gian

When even Spock is making his own wines it's safe to say that the grape is pretty much entwined (or 'envined', ahem) in our wee universe's culture…


But delicious as they are, not being able to tell your Merlot from your Morellino di Scansano can leave you looking as silly as a vulcan who can't do that funny split fingered greeting thing. Enter Tales from the Cucina's Gian Bohan with the latest in Exposed's regular Italian Cuisine YouTube series!


Gian's raided Nonnas' wine cellar to give us a kind of 'Busy Man's Guide' (apart from when we talk about 'slow' wines) to the grape – taking us through a bunch of different wine styles, how to accompany your grape (have you tried pecarino and walnuts?) and taking us through why it's smart to drink wine from a good glass among other things. Whether you're looking for something to set off that spag bol you've rustled up, or a bottle to pass around with the BBQ this is the place to start. And all the wines featured are gettable at Nonnas Eccy Road, natch!



If you're new to the Cucina, you might not have seen Gian's five minute mushroom risotto or authentic Fiorentina Steak with potatoes and beans. Ciao!


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