An Exposed guide to Irish slang

With Paddy’s Day just around the corner, all the Irish are coming out in full force, and they can be quite difficult to understand. To help you get through the weekend, we’ve appointed our resident Irish lass to provide a breakdown of some popular Irish slang.

Dryshite: To be no craic or boring.
“Tom isn’t coming to the pub. What a dryshite”

Header: The opposite of a dryshite, someone who is mad craic altogether.
“Paddy’s been on the piss for days now, he’s some header”

Scuttered / Fluthered / Loaded / Malogen / Locked / Full: Us Irish are known to be found of a scoop or two, so it’s only appropriate that we have various words to describe the art of being drunk.
“I’m in a bad way today lads, I was absolutely *insert word of choice* last night”

Dose: Someone that’s annoying – If someone is really annoying, they are upgraded to a dose of shite.
“I got stuck chatting to Mary in town today, such a dose”

Banjaxed: For something to be broken, typically beyond repair.
“I dropped my phone down the toilet and now it’s completely banjaxed”

Ride / Beure: Someone whose good-looking.
“Conor Murray and Rob Kearney from the rugby are a bunch of rides”

Septic: To describe something that’s rotten or not nice.
“The amount of milk she put in this tea I can’t drink it, it’s septic”

Hairy: To describe a messy night out.
“We didn’t land home from the pub until 6 this morning, it was a hairy one”

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