5 Mins With… Neon Jungle

Exposed has a quick chat with Neon Jungle.


Hot female foursome, Neon Jungle, hit the Motorpoint Arena this month – as part of the line-up for Hallam FM Summer Live which also features the likes of The Vamps, Kaiser Chiefs and Little Mix. We took to the jungle drums for a chat with band member Shereen Cutkelvin.


Hi Shereen, you guys haven’t actually been around that long (they formed early 2013), but you’ve achieved a hell of a lot already – namely three popular singles and a tour with Jessie J…

I know, it’s been amazing, the time’s really flown – it’s not even been a year and half! We’re so happy with how things have gone. Jessie was really nice too, a very polished performer, and a great experience for us.


What’s the best bit and worst bit about being in a girl group?

Hmmm, I guess just having someone to talk to all the time is the best bit. We do a lot of travelling, that’s probably the worst bit – four girls crammed in a car for hours can be a squeeze – so I’m glad we have each other to talk to.



You’ve got your debut album out in July. And ahead of that you’re hitting Sheffield for Hallam FM Summer Live. Busy, busy…

I know! We’ve got New York and a host of festivals in the pipeline too! The album’s out on the 28th – it’s packed full of energy. At the end of the day, we’re four different girls, so there’s four different styles coming together. I think it’ll surprise a few people. We can’t wait for Sheffield. We’ve played it a few times now, it’s a great city, and the line-up at the Arena is fab. I’ll be knocking on people’s doors to say hello.


Finally then, imagine you’re in an actual neon jungle, and a luminous Tarzan asks you to go swinging with him. What’s your response?

Hahahahahahaha! HELL YEAH! Hahahahahahahahaha…!


Catch Neon Jungle at Hallam FM Summer Live on July 18. See www.motorpointarenasheffield.co.uk for more.


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