Eton Messy

We collared Bristolian trio Eton Messy for a chat ahead of their set at The Tuesday Club this month.

You started by posting music online primarily for yourselves to listen to at house parties, and then moved onto putting on club nights – do you think your own experiences within this environment have helped you identify and relate with your audience more?

Spending years in the Bristol music scene and club culture massively aided how we identify and relate to our audience. It’s a very colourful city musically and we got fully stuck in. We wouldn’t say we are confident in knowing what people really want to hear, but we do our best! We still go to other club nights and always have a good nose around at the festivals we go to. It’s so important to make sure you keep doing those things and don’t get pigeonholed.

Musically, who has had a particular influence on you?

We like to listen to various genres and styles. When we were younger we listened to everything from indie and rock to hip hop, drum and bass and now the dance spectrum.  Artists like Bonobo, Mount Kimbie all the way to classic pop music like M People and Simply Red; the list is endless!

Through your record label you’ve worked with a wide selection of people, how did you decide who you wanted on the upcoming compilation album?

A blend of ideas really; putting forward tracks that we were all really feeling at the time. We also drew up a list of people we thought were killing it, up and comers and also some heavy hitters for good measure! We were lucky enough to get some exclusive tracks from some of these guys and also some fresh heads that are just giving birth to their projects.

You’ve often highlighted the importance of images fitting with the feel of the music. How do you translate this to the stage?

This has been something that is continually developed and we feel for this ‘In:Season’ tour and compilation it’s where we want to be. Work is in progress to translate this to stage now! In previous years it has been a lot of projected visuals, lightboxes and small touches – who knows what might pop up this time?

What can we expect from your set at The Tuesday Club?

A bit of everything, including tracks off the compilation but also some hidden gems we have kept back for our sets, so you’ll have to come and see it to find out! The last few times we have played there have been awesome – a super crowd and wicked people. Sheffield is great fun especially on a Tuesday!

Catch Eton Messy at The Tuesday Club on October 11th at The Foundry.

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