Tramlines 2016: Narcs @ City Hall

Review of Narcs Tramlines slot at City Hall on Saturday.

Luckily there was plenty of time between me seeing a stagehand in just his pants and Narcs starting their set, so I was able to calm myself down adequately. The Leeds quartet made their way down the road to bring their unique energetic brand of alt-rock to the City Hall stage. Having never been in this venue before, I was surprised by the size of the room – something that was mirrored by a number of others in the crowd that had quickly gathered for the start of Narcs’ set.

The airy and ornate ballroom isn’t the kind of venue you’d necessarily imagine for the more alternative leg of the festival, but alongside the lighting it helps create a moody vibe, bang in line with the music that Narcs forcefully jump into. Tortured and aggressive vocals are paired perfectly with an intense on-stage presence from the band.

A guitar is added in by the front-man for the second track, thickening the already massive sound, and dropping recent single ‘Pig’ in early on makes it difficult to spot anyone in the crowd not bobbing their head. This is matched and upped by the band members, with the most high-energy on stage antics that I’ve seen so far this weekend. Exciting to watch as well as listen to; something which a lot of bands seem to sacrifice. Influence from much heavier genres creeps in, culminating with the set closing as the singer makes his way over the barrier and into the crowd.

If you missed them this weekend then make sure you keep an eye out for them touring in future, they’re definitely one to check out!

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